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Ode to the one and only human Superhero.

I have never been a fan of superhero movies, all the Avengers, Xmen, Batman, Superman don’t really appeal to me. and I will have to think twice before paying my precious 10 bucks to see movies with a superhero storyline. I am not sure what bothers me about them but it may have to do with the fact that it takes a village to save the world and that relying on one person to save the world is a bit too unrealistic (this might not apply to the Avengers or the Xmen though.)

Yes, I over analyse things and yes it is just a movie but I can’t help it.  Or may be I am just jealous of their extraordinary superpowers, who knows. However, If there is one superhero (one of two actually, the other one is Wonder-woman) that does not fall in that category of the all too ego centered gifted ones, it is definitely Spider-man and I am going to tell you why.

He is relatable.

I like spider-man because unlike other superheroes he is very relatable. He is someone who lost his parents at a very young age and who was raised by wonderful grand-parents. What make him more sympathetic is the fact that from the very beginning we know his story and him being  an orphan at such a young makes him even more likeable.

He is a reserved person who does not have friends and who keeps to himself. He is definitely not the lonely creepy kind of guy and you definitely feel for him. You understand his loneliness and at times, when you think about it, you realise that at one point in your life you also might have felt out of place too.

He is not a one dimensional character.

He is someone who is reserved but brave. He is awfully shy but mischievous at the same time. He is a dreamer and a hopeless romantic madly in love with his one and only girl Marijane. We see him live, make mistakes, learn. We see him cry, get angry and shout. We love him when he is down and is vulnerable, we love him when he is back up ready to fight for what he believes him.

A very Human, down to earth hero

And finally what I love about him is that he really never looses his humanity the way other superheroes do. He empathize with people, he reaches out to them. Even in the fourth installment when he was disillusioned with the people he was fighting for and wanted to throw in the towel, he always found a good reason to come back.

For all these reasons, I love spider-man, the only true human superhero.


Ps: I am using a picture of  Tobey Maguire on this post because  to me he is the only spider-man. Andrew Garfield is definitely talented but he does not come close to getting into the character the way Tobey did.

What about you? Who is your favourite super-hero?
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Written by saraleuke

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